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The DeFi Conference 2020 is a free 1 day online conference with two tracks and over 25 global speakers sharing their knowledge on Decentralized Finance or DeFi with topics covering financial inclusion, open finance, adoption and regulation.

This event will connect entrepreneurs, liquidity providers, academics, investors, economists, regulators and others who are looking to learn and network in the decentralized finance industry and explore the current opportunities and challenges in the space.

Blockchain based decentralized finance innovations can transform the global financial system and help to create a more inclusive and transparent future of finance.

Join us for this exciting inaugural online event!

who will attend

Join CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, Heads of data science, heads of innovation and strategy, heads of IT, heads of information security, heads of engineering, heads of IT architecture, heads of emerging technology, heads of development, technical advisors, heads of strategy, heads of risk and compliance, regulators, lawyers, business transformation, data architecture, heads of applications, heads of digital, investors, venture capitalists, software engineers, research managers, development managers, marketing managers, developers, blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups and enthusiasts and more!

why you should attend

Attend the conference and gain valuable insight into:

  • How decentralized finance is disrupting various industries: learn about the real-world case studies from organizations who have built DeFi services, products and platforms
  • Developing strategies for successful DeFi implementation
  • Consumer demands of the future
  • Discovering how DeFi can enable financial inclusion and greater participation in the financial ecosystem

What to Expect

The focus of the event is on the opportunities that DeFi presents for financial inclusion and open finance as well as challenges in privacy, security, compliance, adoption and regulation.

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Word-Class Global Speakers

Hear from over 25+ global innovators and thought leaders in the DeFi space on the disruptive products and services they have built and expert opinions on the challenges that exist including the future of DeFi.

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Exciting Topics and Discussions

Two tracks with lots of diverse topics. Experience some of the most innovative DeFi projects and their use cases first-hand. Learn about the latest developments and trends in the space.

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Network with some of the industry’s most progressive professionals across industries such as finance, insurance, trading, investment, legal, regulation and more.


The focus of the event is on financial inclusion, DeFi adoption, compliance and regulation, open finance and security.

Time Session Speakers Venue
10:00am-10:15am Welcome Address by Master of Ceremonies Room-01
10:15am-10:35am Where are we with DeFi? Room-01
10:35am-11:00am DeFi and Insurance Disruption Room -01
11:00am-11:20am DeFi Innovation with EOS Room -01
11:20am-11:40pm Reinventing Banking with DeFi Room-01
11:40pm-12:00pm Money Legos Aren't Fitting Right (But They Could) Evgeny Yurtaev Room-01
12:00am-12:20pm Trust is Community; Community is Trust Cornelius Gouws Room-01
15:00pm-15:20pm Security Measures for DeFi Products and Services Carel de Jager Room-01
15:20pm-15:40pm Regulation of Decentralised Finance Room-01
15:40pm-16:00pm The Role of Privacy in DeFi Luca Cosentino Room-01
Time Session Speakers Venue
10:00am-10:15am Welcome Address by Master of Ceremonies Room-02
10:15am-10:35am Trading Opportunities in a DeFi World Room-02
10:35am-11:00am Automated Market-Making Futures Room-02
11:00am-11:20am Gnosis and Prediction Markets Dr. Friederike Ernst Room-02
11:20am-11:40pm Crypto Investments: Examining Real Investment Data from Active Funds On Yavin Room-02
12:00pm-12:20pm DeFi Adoption and Usability Itamar Lesuisse Room-02


Our global speakers are well-known thought leaders and experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space.

Evgeny Yurtaev Co-founder at Zerion

Evgeny is the Co-founder and CEO of Zerion, an all-in-one interface that


Itamar Lesuisse Co-founder and CEO of Argent

Itamar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Argent. Itamar was previously the

On Yavin Founder and CEO of Cointelligence

On is the Founder and CEO of Cointelligence and the blockchain and


Luca Cosentino Product and Go to Market at Oasis Labs

Luca is a Product Manager who built, launched and managed products at

Dr. Friederike Ernst COO at Gnosis

Friederike is the COO of Gnosis, a platform for information markets. She

Richard de Sousa

Richard de Sousa Founder and CEO of AltCoinTrader

AltCoinTrader was developed by experienced computer programmer Richard de Sousa in 2014.

Cornelius Gouws

Cornelius Gouws Co-founder and CEO at Octobase

Carel de Jager

Carel de Jager Lead Instructor at Blockchain Academy

Carel de Jager began his career as a Chemical Engineer in the