Gregory Klumov

Gregory Klumov


Gregory Klumov is a highly-profiled specialist in alternative asset management with extensive experience in
crafting complex business multi-strategies for international markets. He has built a career around managing
multi-million dollar portfolios on behalf of global funds and private investors. Being an expert in building and
pairing liquid and digital alternatives alongside more traditional portfolio investments, Gregory now aims to shift
stakeholders’ mindsets to embrace cryptocurrency technologies.

Having initially started in IT as an entrepreneur by establishing a high-speed Internet Service Provider at the
age of 15, Greg pursued finance and management roles before becoming active in the Bitcoin and digital
assets space during its emergence.

He played a vital role as an advisor to Maltese and pan-European government task forces. European legal
framework is developing into the national-wide approach nowadays, and Malta was the springboard for this
process, which Gregory had taken part in since the very beginning. His expertise played a big part in the
successful implementation of their recent blockchain-friendly legislative initiatives.

Gregory is the CEO of STASIS, a technology provider that creates, governs, integrates and audits the
Euro-backed (EURS) stablecoin. STASIS provides tech solutions for businesses via apps, back end,
smart-contract interfaces, brokerage, and trading business support.

The project team has successfully worked within the most regulated fund format in Europe – UCITS. Solid
expertise made it possible to establish a path in making digital assets legal, giving the regulator a certain
control from one side, without disrupting the entrepreneur’s business models from the other side. Alongside
this, a wallet developed by STASIS allows for single balance accounts for digital assets and any traditional fiat
assets with the market to be created, providing a seamless technological bridge for consumers and companies

In 2019, the STASIS team published a second edition of their book Digital Asset Regulation: A Cross-Country
Analysis, targeted at state-level decision-makers and containing a comprehensive overview and analysis of
digital asset regulations in 13 jurisdictions worldwide. The next edition is already in the works, set to provide
even deeper insights.

Greg’s opinions appear regularly in numerous international publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, BitCoin
Magazine and Coin Telegraph. He has delivered lectures around technology and alternative assets at the
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, IMD in Lausanne and Malta University.
Gregory is a notable and enthusiastic speaker in the blockchain space who is passionate about research and
investments. He has spoken at the World Economic Forum, Money2020 Singapore, TEDxWarwick, the
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Riga, and conferences in Frankfurt, London, and New York.