DeFi Conference 2020 The Rise of Decentralized Finance

The DeFi Conference 2020 hosted by Bitcoin Events happening this Wednesday, 5 August, will showcase the tremendous growth and rise of DeFi projects over the last year.  According to DeFi tracking website DeFiPrime, there are currently over 100 projects tackling various DeFi solutions. The total value locked in DeFi is now over USD$ 4 billion with a 227% Read More

DeFi Conference 2020 Delivers an All-Star Speaker Lineup

The DeFi Conference 2020 hosted by Bitcoin Events, is a feature-packed free event for anyone to attend and learn about the opportunities that decentralized finance offers to individuals and organizations alike. Decentralized finance (more commonly known as ‘DeFi’) is growing rapidly, spawning investment and attention from many corners of the finance world. The world of traditional finance is Read More

The Rise of Decentralized Finance

Financial market volatility and risk has opened the door for a new decentralized market infrastructure that can expand market participation and ensure greater liquidity, trust and transparency.  Excitingly, with the advent of digital innovation and technologies such as blockchain, the decentralized capabilities of software platforms are changing the rules. DeFi or Decentralized Finance as it

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Bitcoin Events Upcoming Events

In recent months, we've seen unprecedented change around the world, and of course many more challenges lie ahead. It seems hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we had a healthy blockchain and cryptocurrency community gathered at the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 at Investec’s office in Johannesburg. Things have moved quickly since then, Read More

What Went Down at Crypto Fest 2019

Bitcoin Events’ inaugural Crypto Fest in Cape Town saw over 250 attend the exciting event from over 10 countries to engage with, talk about, present on and learn everything this still nascent crypto industry has going for it. Focusing on payments, investing, trading and even touching on social good opportunities, Crypto Fest 2019 was a first-of-its-kind event

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