Toufic Adlouni

Co-founder and Managing Director at Renno & Co

Toufic Adlouni is the Co-founder and Managing Director at Renno & Co.

Toufic is a lawyer and co-founder of two companies: Renno & Co, a Montreal based boutique law firm specializing in emerging technology law, and LUCA Theory, a distributed decision-making platform creating a collective intelligence.

Leveraging his knowledge in law and economics, he primarily works in the startup community to aid high growth companies in the technology sector to raise equity financing and protect their intellectual property.

Before starting a degree in law, Toufic did a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management, serving him a great deal in analyzing the regulatory issues affecting the Canadian digital asset and blockchain market. He specifically focuses on regulatory compliance issues that affect digital asset issuers, to enhance the value of his clients and their attractiveness to investors.

His expertise was recognized as a speaker in multiple events such as the Bermuda Tech Week 2020, World Crypto Conference 2019 in Las Vegas, Out of the Bubble with Montreal New Tech, and the Global Family Office Summit.

When he’s not serving clients or investing in new ventures, he’s working out, playing soccer, watching Bojack Horseman, jamming to techno, hanging out with friends in the Plateau, and enjoying a delicious Kibbe Niyah!