Lavinia Osbourne (MC)

Host and Founder of Women in Blockchain Talks

Lavinia is the award-winning host and founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, an award-winning networking and educational platform that shines a spotlight on dynamic women in the Blockchain ecosystem. In doing so, she aims to introduce non-technical, as well as technically skilled, women into the exciting and burgeoning space of emerging tech.

She is a sought after internatioanl public speaker and thought leader.

With her background in financial wellness, she brings with her a desire to uplift individuals financially, professionally, and personally, giving those in her community a new way of thinking about their money, career, and life opportunities.

Women in Blockchain Talks as a “social impact” company and their “50k Women into Blockchain by 2023” campaign as a vehicle to drive change, Lavinia is on a mission to decrease the gender gap in Blockchain technology, tech, and entrepreneurship.