Briana Marbury

Briana Marbury (Keynote)

CEO at Interledger Foundation

Briana Marbury is the CEO at Interledger Foundation (ILF), a nonprofit organization committed to expanding digital financial inclusion to vulnerable populations. To drive the mission forward, ILF invests in organizations, communities, and entrepreneurs working towards the shared goal of enabling interoperable and frictionless payments around the globe. At the Interledger Foundation, we believe that digital financial systems should be accessible to everyone, and sending a payment should be as easy as it is to send an email.

In her role at ILF, Briana leads the strategic vision of the organization and ensures sustainable and effective investments work to support the creation of uncharted paths in the world’s outdated financial infrastructure. Having firsthand experience with the difficulties associated with the lack of equitable financial access, she understands the importance of enabling communities to create and lead their own financial futures.

Briana has extensive experience in financial management at international organizations, which has served as a natural segue to the world of payments. Before joining ILF, she was a consultant at and has held positions at Repair the World, Uncommon Schools, and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. At each organization, Briana’s central focus has been to assist nonprofits strengthen their strategic direction and financial operations to assure they’re fiscally healthy enough to carry out their mission. Additionally, Briana served as an Education Pioneer Graduate Fellow and explored ways to increase positive educational outcomes in the nation’s most underserved schools.

Briana has a BA in Accounting from the University of Michigan, an MBA from Wayne State University, and has completed post-graduate work at Stanford University. Originally from Detroit, Briana has lived in many cities across the US and has even spent a brief period as a digital nomad. When she’s not exploring new cities, she’s spending time with her pup, Seamus.