The event will connect entrepreneurs, liquidity providers, academics, investors, economists, regulators, and others looking to learn and network in the decentralised finance industry, and to explore the current opportunities and challenges in this space.

Financial market volatility and risk have opened the door for a new decentralised infrastructure that can expand market participation and ensure greater liquidity, trust and transparency. DeFi, or Decentralised Finance as it is known, can empower and include individuals who are currently excluded from financial markets by lowering barriers to entry, and providing greater participation and access to unexplored pools of liquidity.

The rise of stablecoins and asset-backed tokens could drive the development of financial markets via new forms of transparency and data credibility.

Built on the pillars of inclusiveness and transparency, blockchain-based decentralised finance innovations have the potential to transform the global financial system.

Excitingly, with the advent of digital innovation and technologies such as blockchain, the decentralised capabilities of software platforms are changing the rules.

Speakers will cover:

  • the application of DeFi for financial inclusion and open finance (such as loans, credit, insurance, decentralised marketplaces and open banking)
  • challenges that exist regarding privacy and security
  • global compliance and regulation measures


DeFi is still in its infancy, however it is expected to grow quickly as there is increasing interest for decentralised or alternative financial products outside of the traditional financial system.