Anna Wood (Keynote)

Marketing and Training Executive at Silgonex

Anna is a motivational speaker, business women, gold, silver investor and fitness professional. It’s her passion to motivate and inspire others to change their lifestyle physically, mentally & financially.

Anna is extremely passionate about educating people on money mindset, the cryptocurrency world, gold and silver. Anna is the marketing & training executive at Silgonex.

Silgonex has multiple platforms such as the selling of pure fine silver, their own cryptocurrency coin – SIL that is 100% backed by silver together with the Silgonex cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Silgonex also offers their clients a way to spend crypto’s via the Silgonex Crypto card and educate the “beginners” on cryptocurrency to help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency.
Anna is definitely a born teacher, trainer and her passion is truly to inspire and change people’s lives on many levels.